We at Wallderinska Gruppen AB take your personal information very seriously. In this section we will inform you of how we handle, collect and safe guard your personal data.

Collection of data

It is perfectly fine to use our website without leaving any personal information regarding your address etc. under the circumstances that the information is not needed to provide our services to you. When you use our site, we will store information for safety reasons in our servers. This information can include the name of your internet provider, the website you used to link to our website, the web places you visit from our website and your IP-address. It is not possible however for us to identify you as person using this information. The reason we collect this information is for statistical use, but private or anonymous users are not identified. When your personal information is shared with others it is only for the use to provide the services from which you ordered and approved us to use. In these cases, we proceed with all the technical and organizational methods that ensure us that legal protocol is followed.

Collection and processing of personal information

The Swedish Company Wallderinska Gruppen AB, org.nr. 556870-2186, Ryttarvägen 21, 132 45 Saltsjö-Boo, +46 8-20 61 20. is the controller of the personal data you submit to us and responsible for your personal data under applicable data protection law.

We follow the Swedish law of Personuppgiftslagen (SFS 1998:204) and other relevant regulations when processing and handling personal information. We only collect personal information that you willingly submitted to us when finishing your registration, filling out a form or send us an email when you order products or services, newsletter, request information or ordering materials and such, were you decided yourself to give us your contact and personal information.

Your personal information is collected and processed with the intention to administrate the request you filed, or for following the law that applies, and is not saved for longer than necessary to for fill this purpose.

Third hand party

The database and its content will be shared with following parties;

Synotio AB

Synotio AB, (C/o Angry Creative AB, Bråddgatan 11, 602 22 Norrköping. Org. Nr 559026-3850) is a company that supplies us and our customers with hosting services. If contacted for an invoice proposal your data must be provided and shared with this supplier in order for us to honor our commitment to you as a customer.

Adspectis AB

Adspectis AB, (C/o Angry Creative AB, Bråddgatan 11, 602 22 Norrköping. Org. Nr 559116-8413) is a company that supplies us and our customers with online marketing services. If contacted for an invoice proposal your data must be provided and shared with this supplier in order for us to honor our commitment to you as a customer.


Mailchimp, (The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, Georgia 30308, USA) is a tool which is used to send out important messages to our clients and partners but is also used to send out market information to potential customers. When you give your contact information to us we will store them in this service to provide important information to you as a costumer.

Other parties

Beyond these third hand parties the database and its content are stored by us. Your personal information is not transferred or sold to any other, unless we have your confirmation or are forced by law to do so.

We remain all control and responsibility for the usage of your personal information that you give us permission to use. Some date can be stored or processed in computers in jurisdictions outside of Europe and the ESS-area, who’s restriction of personal data can differ from the Swedish regulations. In this case we will see to that proper regulations are used to insure us that the part handling the data in that country upholds a personal data safety that equals the one in hand in Sweden.

Your revoking rights

You have the right to at any given time revoke all permission to use your personal information in the future or demand an amendment of your personal data that we are processing. If you want to do so you simply send us an email to Wallderinska Gruppen AB (contact information found below). You also have the right to demand once a year all the information we have on you, were we got it, its purpose, and to which revivers or categories of receivers this is handled by.


Wallderinska Gruppen AB use technical and organizational safety measures to protect your data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized parties. At all times when it is possible the data that you supplied to Wallderinska Gruppen AB will be encrypted to prevent the misusage of a third party. Our safety routines are frequently revised and are based on the latest technical advancements.


For the purpose to protect children Wallderinska Gruppen AB refrains to collect information about children under the age of 13, provided that no consent has been collected from a parent/guardian. Wallderinska Gruppen AB does not use any information that is provided by a child that we know is under the age of 13 on the site.

The parents or guardians always have the right to request and be provided information that the child might have provided and can always demand that the information is deleted.


If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Personuppgiftsombud (Data Protection Officer) för Wallderinska Gruppen AB:

Wallderinska Gruppen AB
Ryttarvägen 21
132 45 Saltsjö-Boo

Phone: +46 8-20 61 20
E-mail: kundtjanst@wallderinska.se

The constantly evolving of the Internet can sometimes demand that the terms and conditions mentioned are changed. We reserve the right to do these changes if needed.

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