When you shop at our store you will always receive free shipping when you place an order over 900 SEK. Your products will be delivered by PostNord. You can track your package using this link:

NOTE! If you don’t collect your package in time you will be charged the shipping fee (both ways), an administrative cost and the invoice fee, approximately 500 SEK.

Freight forwarders

The delivery time differs depending on which country you want your package delivered to. We normally send off your product the same day as you made your order, but we reserve the right to longer times of interludes during vacation periods. Note that weekends do not count as a regular shipping day.

Order confirmation

When we receive your order you will receive an e-mail with the details of your purchase.


If the product is damaged due to a shipping error, you must file a complaint to our customer service by e-mail or phone as soon as possible. We are following the Swedish Consumer Rights law and guidelines, and are more than happy to help you with your request. Your complaint must be field in a reasonable time period. For companies we apply a seven day file rule and will not procced with the complaint after seven days have passed since the product was delivered. We ask you kindly to keep the products packing so we can inspect this further. Depending on the scale of the damage we will decide how to proceed with either a discount or sending a new product all together.

Failing to collect your package

If you for some reason fail to collect your order, we will charge you for the shipping. Both ways. We also reserve us the right to collect a fee for administrative costs such as invoice and product handling. If you have three uncollected packages we reserve the right to cancel your requests and client privileges at our shop. So please make sure you collect your orders, so we can keep you as a valuable customer.